Heal yourself, increase your body’s metabolism, burn fat, strengthen your immune system, reduce waste and toxins in your blood, and produce a more refreshed, energetic, and powerful body through Kundalini Yoga exercises on video for only $5.00 per download.

Oxygen High is a 30-minute instructional video on Kundalini Yoga exercises.

For over 5000 years, ancient breathing techniques have built bodies and nerves of steel. Learn these time-honored methods of oxygenating your body and empowering your soul.

These exercises are for everyone* from all ages, all shapes, and all fitness levels. Master teacher Luis Dahl takes you to a calming and surreal place with a hypnotic musical score. You can do these exercises anywhere! From your home to the refreshing outdoors, simply download the video to your computer, iPod, or MP4 player and away you go. Try these exercises in your own backyard or in a quiet place at a park.


Significant scientific data is now suggesting that the way we breathe may have a profound effect on our physical and mental health. High oxygen levels in our blood increase the body's metabolism, burn fat, strengthen the immune system, reduce waste and toxins, and produce a more refreshed, energetic, and powerful body, all key benefits of Oxygen High.

Controlling the pattern of our breath leads to a focused mind, steady nerves, and emotional mastery.

Oxygen High delivers easy to follow Kundalini Yoga exercises that will add significant value to your overall health and well-being.

Oxygen High is a 30-minute instructional video on Kundalini Yoga exercises. *Consult your physician before trying these exercises.

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Click here to download the video now for only $5.00. All sales are final and are non-refundable. The video is available in MP4 format for download. Make sure your device supports this file format. MP4 plays on video iPods.

For computer play, we recommend that you download the latest version of QuickTime available at the following link.

NEW: Windows Media format is also available. You will have a choice, once payment has been processed, of having the WMV or MP4 format downloaded.

For questions or comments, please have an email written and sent to Support@OxygenHigh.com.


“Many Thanks Oxygen High,
Since I have been doing the yoga exercises in your podcast, I have started to feel more energized, focused, and alert. This is an excellent addition to
my overall exercise regime – and I do it in my backyard! Thanks again and well done!”

- Kieran Navickas, UK

“I just tried Oxygen High, and I feel great! The exercises are easy to follow. Who knew that this ancient form of breathing could deliver so many benefits.”
- Natasha Emery, USA


Oxygen High has been executive produced by Daiva Dalinda.
Oxygen High has been produced by Luke Dalinda.
Music has been composed and produced by Rob Rettberg at The Other Studio.
Oxygen High has been directed by John Temou.
Edited by: Andrew Mandziuk
Audio has been mixed by Robb Wright for Dr. Dog Productions.
Host: Luis Dahl, with Sharla Pobega and Kim Wannamaker
Oxygen High has been filmed by LD Films at Dance Nation Studios, Toronto, Canada

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